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WasteAcdemy – Training in correct waste management

WasteAcademy is Denmark’s new educational training program dedicated to the correct handling and sorting of waste. WasteAcademy is 100% owned and developed by WPM – WastePartner Management. For more information on WPM please go to

The idea behind WasteAcademy is to offer Danish companies a way of making sure that their employees are offered continued training in correct waste management and sorting of waste – without the cost of expensive and time consuming external courses.

Establishing WasteAcademy is a part of WPM’s vision – which is to constantly be a part of developing new tools that will aid Danish companies in continuing to maintain correct and optimal waste management. This includes a full overview of the entire waste management system, containers, fractions, disposed amounts as well as the cost involved.

WasteAcademy is tailored to fit the individual company. This means that employees receive training specifically regarding the company’s own waste management system and fractions, and not just generalized training. WasteAcademy can include any elements the company wishes, for example the general rules regarding waste management, sorting guides as well as a thorough introduction to the specific fractions and the location of containers.

Please contact WPM by phone +45 70 22 50 28 or email for more information on WasteAcademy. 

Why WasteAcademy?

Because WasteAcademy:

  • Educate employees. 
  • Customizable company's waste system. 
  • Provide the company with a stronger environmental profile. 
  • Reduce business costs.

WasteAcademy - a part of WPM

WasteAcademy is developed and owned by WPM - Waste Management Partner.

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